About Jeffrey Cohen Cohen is one of America’s most successful immigration lawyers. He is the author of the world’s best selling book on American permanent residence, “Immigrate to America – A Guide for Business People and Investors,” which is published in more than twenty-five countries, including China, Russia, Brazil, India and Korea.

Mr. Cohen also lectures in many countries as an expert on United States residence Green Cards and visas, and on doing business and investing in the United States. Senior visa officials from American Embassies are often guest speakers at Mr. Cohen’s seminars. Recently, Mr. Cohen conducted seminars with top U.S. government officials in Moscow and Sao Paulo.

From his law office in Beverly Hills, Mr.Cohen handles immigration applications throughout the United States, including California, New York, Florida and Texas. Mr. Cohen also represents people at U.S. consulates around the world. His clients include successful business owners and investors, entrepreneurs, company executives and senior managers, university educated professionals, and famous celebrities in movies, music, sports and television.

Mr. Cohen & Chief Visa Officer American Embassy Moscow

Mr. Cohen & Chief Visa Officer U.S. Consulate Sao Paulo

For twenty-five years, Mr. Cohen has achieved extraordinary results for his clients. He provides highly personalized service, and carefully designs a legal strategy customized to suit each client’s individual circumstances and goals. As a result, Mr. Cohen’s clients obtain Green Cards (Permanent Residence) or Business and Work Visas in the fastest and most direct way possible. They also appreciate Mr. Cohen’s honesty, his extensive knowledge of the law, and his outstanding reputation with American government officials worldwide.

Mr. Cohen graduated from Columbia University and New York University School of Law.